Book Review

Gigalo by Ben Foster, a book review

             I picked up a copy of this book because I have read and enjoyed other books by this publisher (even though it isn’t usually the kind of book I gravitate towards) This biography left me speechless (a tough thing to do). Not for the faint of heart, this is a gut wrenching account of overindulgence. It is raw, sexually graphic, moving, and utterly unbelievable. Ben Foster is a massage therapist trying desperately to provide for his wife, Kelly, and their three young children. When he find himself as the private massage therapist for the rich and famous women of London (called the “committee”), he soon realizes that it is not only massage that he is being hired to provide. As he flies around the world on private planes, attends private parties and dinners, he is well aware that he is nothing more than a sex worker being hired to cater to the often outlandish fantasies of these actresses, socialites, and politicians. The most interesting part of this book is the end and Ben’s hard fall from grace. An interesting insight into another world, Ben’s account will leave you wanting a shower–and wondering how far someone would go to provide for their children.. A stunning and surreal look at class and power, this book is a revelation and a look behind the curtain of society’s most cherished.

Happy Reading!